Tuesday, April 28, 2015


There is never a dull moment when having a conversation with Abby. I could listen to her sweet munchin voice tell me stories forever. She is so smart and so cute and absolutely hilarious! She says something that makes me laugh everyday!! Here are just a few of the hilariously cute things she has been saying lately:

  • After pulling herself into a sitting position using her arms to grab onto the crib, (because she likes to hang out in there with her baby sis) Abby exclaimed: "I have the strongest muscles!! I have strong beautiful muscles. They are purple...with a little bit of pink." (this one was a few months ago, but I love it!)
  • Reading a book in sacrament meeting one Sunday: "Dear Heavenly Father, I love you, but I have the chicken pox." Please note, she in fact didn't have the chicken pox. :)
  • Abby made a castle out of toilet paper and two toy necklaces. When I asked her who lived in it she replied with "a bobby pin princess." The girls imagination is adorable.
  • The other day as she was using the bathroom, she yelled to me: "My poop looks like a hot tub. A stinky hot tub where monsters live!"
  • "Her head is just like a bongo with a face on it." Abby referring to Madalyns head. This one had me cracking up every time I looked at Madalyns bongo head. 
  • And lastly, my very favorite thing she has said EVER: The other day when we were driving to preschool, she said her wrist hurt. I asked her why it hurt and she said "because Heavenly Father stuffed too many bones in my skin." I about crashed because I was laughing so hard. 
Oh Abby. Thanks for the laughes. You are one of a kind!