Thursday, May 7, 2015

Life Lately: The Best of April

April was a crazy, fun month. We fit a lot in!! Here is what our life was like in April.
 Life lately has been my adorable girls loving on Jessi. Madalyn in particular LOVES dogs. She gets so excited when one is around. Life has been the girls playing in the pebbles at the elementary school. Its been a note and a gift card from my coach when I needed it most, and its been a cute little baby showing me her beautiful smile. 
 Life lately has been getting out of my shower to have Elsa, Anna, and Olaf staring at me. Its been a little troublemaker Madalyn sneaking gum from my purse that I accidentally left out. Life has been some beautiful flowers from my beautiful girl, and its been sisters playing in the yard together. 
 Life lately has been letting off some steam at the park after a particularly hard Saturday. Its been Sunday cuddle time with a very missed daddy. Its been a nice family walk in dress-ups and all, and life has been my favorite bag of Easter candy for .28 cents each. (I bought 4)
 Life lately has been a HUGE April snowstorm in which we met our friends for some play time. And its been the most fun field trip ever to Smiths where Abby tried a Dragon fruit and got lots of other goodies. The Smiths guy, Bruce, was an awesome guide!
 Life lately has been cute smiles. Its been hanging around the peaceful Temple grounds. Life has been going to Jungle Jims for a birthday party. Madalyn preferred staying by us trying on hats while Abby loved the rides. 
 Life has been being goofy with Sam. Its been riding our horses around the block. Life lately has been buying tickets for this summers Death Cab for Cutie concert, and its been the girls playing in our new piece of furniture. 
 Life lately has been my future clothing designer Abby making Anna a dress out of play dough. She did that all by herself, and it was pretty good with the cape and all. Life has been Madalyn getting to my parents remote and biting chunks out of it before I knew what she was doing. Life has been trying on old hats, and playing out in the rain with the best daddy ever. 
 Life lately has been trying chicken and waffles and loving every.single.bite. It was so, SO good. Life has been Madalyn playing in our new car while sister slept in the back. Did I mention we got a new car? Oh yeah. We did. (technically at the end of March) Her name is Rosie and she is a 2005 Honda Pilot. We love her and we look forward to the many family memories we will have in her. Life lately has been Madalyn dressed as Cinderella, and not being able to get up the stairs to me, and its been a fun date day with the Bae.
Finally, life lately has been spent soaking up the beautiful weather at the park. Its been capturing Abbys obsession with Madalyns ear once again on camera. Its been opening a bag of Doritos and having them explode on me, and its been Madalyn having free reign of the TV at Grammys house.

I really love my life. I'm fortunate to live it. I have beautiful girls, and wonderful husband. That's all a gal needs. 


  1. how did she bite a plastic remote?! hahahah they are so adorable! i miss you guys so much!

    1. The remote had rubber on the back.

  2. What?! You did get the car! Welcome to the club of Honda Pilot owners :) And I think that dress made of play-dough is pretty snazzy. Job well done!