Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Wow so, remember when I was going to keep up this blog better and clear back in February I was going to start a new segment called "currently." Well don't you fret, because here it is!

Loving: Being home with my girls everyday! Its hard for Sam to work two jobs, but slowly and surely it won't be long before he can quit thanks to Beachbody. But seriously, we are all much happier the past 4 months I've been home!!

Reading/watching: I was reading The Revenge of Seven, but after renewing it 3 times and it still wasn't half way done, I gave up for when I get more things under control. So for the time being I'm reading Chalene Johnsons "Push" and I'm catching up on Supernatural when I can.

Trying to: Work on improving my time. Trying to run a business, work out, be there for my girls, clean my house, and prepare meals is a lot of work. I know I can do it all, I just need to be better about time management!! Its totally worth it though, trying to live my life by my design.

Wishing: For the rain to let up just a little. Yes, this rain has been so great for our lawns and our water supply and we are in very much need of it, but we need a weekend to go in the mountains, play outside, and do yard work!! Come on Utah. Just one weekend so we can get things done!!

Excited for: This coming Memorial Day weekend. Sam gets off early on Friday from his first job, and doesn't work that night at Litzas and he doesn't work Monday at DMBA so we get to have some quality time spent together!! Hooray!!

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  1. ive missed hearing from you! im so glad things are going much better now!