Monday, May 2, 2016

Life in April

April was a great month, but also a not so great month, and since its been over a month since i last blogged, i thought i would talk about April in a slew of pictures.

At the beginning of April, we were able to go to Sams mission reunion. He was more excited than i was, but it ended up being a nice time. Especially because we were able to last minute leave our girls at Sams parents house with their cousins that just came in, leaving it just me, Sam, and Andy. It made it easier to eat all the treats. I also had to note some cuddles we had conference weekend, the girls snuggled up asleep on my bed and me snuggling a sleeping Andy. Also in April, Abby got pink eye, making it so we couldn't play with our cousins as much, and Madalyn looks pretty in my lipstick.
Also in April, i have been really trying to focus and get back into working out. Its been a little more difficult than I hoped because Andy decided he doesn't like sleeping all night anymore, so getting up early hasn't happened very often and working out with kids around can take all morning, but its important to me, so I've pushed through. Andy was also able to meet his month older (exactly) cousin Kendrick for the first time, and had fun hanging out with him and Raegan. (Jake and Ashley's 6 month old) Also, Andy has been flashing smiles, Madalyn has been sneaking into Grammy and Papas crackers, and we enjoyed some really beautiful weather in April.
Since daddy works two jobs, and some days are EXTRA long, we have been going on walks at night and the girls push their babies as well. We also have before bed snuggles, just to torture Andy. The last day we were able to hang out with Kari and cousins, we went to Zumba together. The boys were really good while we worked out, and we forced a picture of all the kids in the bright light after. And then we took a selfie of us. We had a lot of fun with Kari, Ammon, Lydia and Kendrick even despite missing a couple of days with pink eye and Lydia having the flu.
Andy also as enjoyed playing with his sisters dolls and using my snapchat filters. He makes one handsome cop, don't you think? Unfortunately, almost a week after Abby got pink eye, Madalyn and Andy were down with it, and we all had nasty colds that hung on for weeks. It. was. miserable.
Now that Andy sits in his bumbo well, meal times are a lot more fun with him on the table. Abby has also been loving the snapchat filters. Madalyn doesn't like the filters, but she does like my all over makeup stick, and literally put it all over. And, a shopping trip with exhausted girls was saved with some donuts.
A few other little tidbits ending up April; my beautiful Abby loving on her brother, Madalyn rolling over to snuggle Abby one morning, Andy falling asleep on Sam in a silly way, Madalyn upset at something, and Andy not so much loving his sisters smothery kisses.
We were also able to go to our first RSL game of the season one Saturday with our friends the Heidts, for free too since Jessica is awesome and won tickets on the radio, but sadly, I didn't take any pictures. Just snaps. The problem with Snaps man.

I am really glad we all feel better finally. That was a long two weeks, but we survived and we are so excited for May to be here!!