Monday, August 12, 2013

Favorite Place

Saturday night, Sam and I decided to walk around Salt Lake by our old apartment. It is our favorite place and we still miss it. There is a house right there that is our dream house that someday, we want to buy. (yeah right.) We also took a stroll to Temple Square and Abby was excited to see the Temple.
Right by our old place. Doesn't Abby look so grown up here?

I must have a dozen of these type of pictures, but it's my favorite view! I miss seeing this every day.

Abby pondering about life. Or about what she can throw in the water.

Caught red handed. She decided that she would pick and throw flowers in the fountain. Look how guilty she looks.

So glad I get to keep them forever!

It was a fun night. Sometimes, when I am feeling a little blue, walking around Salt Lake lifts me up. And it is just what I needed on Saturday.


  1. that picture of abby in front of the flowers is precious! she looks like she got caught with her hand in the cookie jar or caught peeing hahah it is beautiful there- i remember that little creek!

  2. Those pictures really make me sad and miss Utah. Thanks a lot!! Just kidding. Soooo glad you guys are out and about enjoying your last few days as a family of three. Miss all of you!