Wednesday, April 24, 2013


This blog post is really more of a journal entry, because Abby was ridiculously cute yesterday and I want to remember the cute little things (and not so cute little things) she did.

So, to start my day off, I had a doctors appointment. Well, Abby was fine all the way up...until we pulled into the parking lot where she puked. Poor girl got carsick. Well, me being pregnant knew it wasn't a good thing. So, I dreadfully got out of my car to try and clean her up. One wipe of it and I threw up as well. Right in the parking lot. And of course, I pulled a Jerry.
The joys of being pregnant.
Anyway, so sure that story isn't cute, but memorable. Throughout the rest of the day we visited daddy for lunch, took a nap, watched some Sesame Street, and picked up daddy from the train.

That night, Sam had young mens so it was again just her and I at home. Well, I was changing her bum and got excited to watch Anastasia with her. I picked her up after I got done and started singing one of the songs with her while swaying. Much to my surprise, Abby put her little hands on both sides of my face, looked at me, and said "bop!" I said to her "did you just tell mommy to stop." She simply said "da" and went about playing. Little stinker. My cute little stinker.

Later while we were watching the movie, as Dimitri (i know I spelled it wrong) and Anya were dancing, she climbed on my lap, took my hand and said "dance." Of course I immediately started dancing...I mean how can you say no to that? You can't. You just can't. My heart melted that she wanted to dance with mommy, especially after telling me to stop dancing and singing earlier.

After the movie, it was time to get ready for bed. I took her up to get her ready for the bath. She acted upset I was going to take her diaper off and pointed to her bum. I ignored it and kept undressing her. I filled up her bath, stuck her in. She started playing while I did my hair for work. Well, a few minutes later I looked at her in the mirror only to see 2 brown logs floating along with her toys. Mind you Sam is not around again for this. So i immediately take her out and have to clean up all by myself. Which again, isn't an easy task being so gaggy. Well, don't worry, no puke this time. And now I know why she pointed to her bum and didn't want her diaper off. Perhaps potty training is coming soon?

Abby really enjoyed running around butt naked while I cleaned up her mess. Seriously, she was bouncing off the walls just giggling all the while. And of course once I was done, Sam came home. I think he timed that one.

Thanks for the memorable day Abby. Mama sure does love you to bits and tiny pieces.


  1. Whew, long day huh? Oh the stories of motherhood to remember :)

  2. oh my goodness she just melts my heart- even when she pukes and poops everywhere. those days are just horrible- im sorry! at least he gave you flowers today right?