Thursday, April 24, 2014

Life Lately: Precious Moments

 With this beautiful weather we have had recently, life lately has been spending a lot of time playing at the park, and Madalyn excited to one day join her sister on the toys.
 Life has been coming home from a meeting to see my little girls hanging out while daddy mowed the lawn. Its been Abby pushing Maddi on the swings. Depsite her face, Maddi did in fact enjoy it. Its been my first run in my new Nikes, and its been finding Abby, fast asleep, with her pants around her knees. 
 Life lately has been painting Maddi's nails for the first time, sister cuddles while watching Curious George, going for a walk and Abby adorably pointing out things to her sister, and its been a certain little toddler refusing to eat breakfast, but finding the peppers from the fridge instead to munch on. 
 Life has been that same toddler taking out the rest of the bread and lining it up on the floor, taking a bite out of each. Its been a chubby little baby after a bath. Life has been Maddi really upset with me for showering, and its been Abby learning how to hold a pen correctly all by herself. 
 Life has been an exciting train ride to go get my packet for my 5k, and while Abby loved it, Madalyn decided to sleep through it all. It's been finally reunited with cousins after months and months, and its been my snuggling sleeping girls, and to go along with that, it has been a melted heart mommy.
Lastly, life has been reading time with daddy, an unexpected precious selfie, more sister time (please excuse the scraggly toddler) and mall time, having fun in the mirror while daddy shopped. 

\I heart life.


  1. oh my goodness, i love every single one of these pictures! i am just loving on your girls! i love how abby falls asleep pants down then lines up food and eats crazy things. i love sweet madis chubbiness and that adorable picture of you too. esp how she didnt like you to take a shower hahaha i love it! you girls are the cutest and i wish you guys lived closer

  2. I LOVE these posts!! However, it makes my heart ache for family and Utah. Less than five weeks!! Then I can hug my sweet, beautiful nieces again!

  3. That picture of you and Maddi together is just precious. And I love our kids together. So much. Wish it could always be that way. I sure enjoyed being with you guys again and getting to hold sweet Madalyn!