Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sam's Twenty-Sixth

Remember back in this post I promised an ooey gooey love post about Sam? Well, grab your vomit buckets because here it is. But first, his Birthday festivities in pictures.

On Friday, his actual birthday, I met him downtown for one of his breaks, so he could show off his girls. (ok, maybe he was just showing off Abby...) On my way down to say hi to grammy, his boss came out and told me to hold up because they were sending Sam home early! Birthday miracle! So then, because I didn't really have anything planned till dinner that night, we just walked around town. It was a beautiful day and we are in love with the city. Then I took him to Lambs (which in all honesty, we weren't too impressed with. But it's the thought that counts) and I gave him his present: a Fifa soccer game for the Wii. After dinner, we headed home (we had both cars and I got stuck in the parking. Figures.) We dropped off one car and then headed to Baskin Robbins for dessert, because I didn't even think to make a cake. Go me. At least I made up for last year's birthday, where I bought me a swimsuit and got him Just Dance 2, which we all know really benefited me more than him. (for what its worth, I was pregnant)
Terrible quality of pictures

Saturday I had a party for him at our house. Since living here and since we've fixed up our place a bit, it was the first big thing we had there. The pictures are super crappy, but it does show all who came. We ate pizza, visited, played Wii games, and ate junk. It was more fun then I thought it would be! Thanks again to all who came!

Lastly, on Sunday my family had his birthday dinner. He picked a delicious meal of eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, sausages, and waffles for dinner, complete with peach/raspberry crisp for dessert. I feel like he had a pretty good weekend. But I'd guess you would have to ask him.

Now for the mush.

A lady at work today asked me what I love most about Sam. After thinking for a split second out of all the things I love about him, which one was my favorite, I told her I love how patient he is with me. I can be the most annoying/frustrating woman in the world, and he doesn't even complain. I get mad at him for seemingly no reason and he stays calm. I am too tired to cook, he'll cook instead. I need me time, he'll happily take Abby. I rarely hear him complain. He is the most patient and selfless man I know.

Sam is truly the man of my dreams. From our silly inside jokes, to our addiction to coke, to loving the same immature things I do, he is my other half. And when it comes to Abby, he is such an amazing daddy. I am so glad I will have him by my side, through thick and thin, for all eternity.

I love you Sam Tappana. Forever.


  1. Happy Birthday Sam! It was fun at Sam's party, especially showing off our Halloween dance to an audience. I'm sure we looked really good :) I also loved how no one could resist Lydia, haha!

  2. what an awesome party that was- remember when you jumped on your scooter- on the TREADMILL? that was hikarious. and i concure, sam is a catch and you were the one that didnt get away

  3. Sorry we couldn't make it. But we were there in spirit! Happy Birthday Sammy! So glad he has such an awesome wife that takes good care of him on special occasions :). I'm sure he loved the party you threw for him! So sweet of you!