Thursday, March 3, 2011

Married to an old man...

I am not good at planning things. For some reason, it stresses me out more than it should. I like the after fact of planning things, I like when they go smoothly, but I just am not a good planner. So you can imagine how now that my mind is even more jumbled, I just couldn't wrap my it around planning something. I know. Worst Wife Ever. So to make things easier on me, and make it seem like I really thought things through, we decided to go to St. Geroge for his big day and made a fun weekend out of it. It was a much needed little get away!! Here are some highlighs of the weekend:
  • Snacking, sleeping, and gabbing Sam's ear off on the way down

  • Stopping in Cedar to have lunch with Jessica P. Stoneman.

  • Finding out our hotel room was a lot cooler than we thought it would be.

  • Buying myself a swimming suit on HIS bithday (It was on sale!! I already mentioned I was the worst wife ever)

  • Having the whole pool to ourselves the first night

  • Sleeping in everyday. (though not as late as I would have hoped....they stopped the breakfast at 9)

  • Getting hooked on a Lifetime Movie, "The Party Never Stops."

  • Going on a super fun hike, stumbling over my own feet and falling, then laughing so hard I just about wet myself. No joke.

  • Eating at Jack In The Box

  • Sam seeing Just Dance 2 was on sale and chose that as his birthday gift. (ya...didn't even pick a surprise gift for him. Boy, hit and miss this year on my part)

  • Not getting sick after EVERYTHING I ate. Just a few things.

  • Watching the BYU game at Wing Nutz with his friends. Ok so I don't like to watch sports, but at least I did something nice for just him on this weekend right? And I had fun with the peanuts.

  • Driving to Vegas (sleeping the whole time) walking the strip, finding the cheapest foods to eat, and driving back late (again, I slept the whole time)

  • Walking around the Temple grounds talking about our future.

  • Finding a sacrament meeting where lo and behold, Sam knew someone there.

  • Not having a set schedule. And just enjoying each other.
It was hard coming home. We really had fun. And even though I don't feel like I made this trip special for Sam, he seemed to be having a fun time. In fact, I just confirmed with him and yes, he did have fun. So Happy 25th Birthday Sam. You are the best husband and I promise: next year I'll be better. Maybe I'll even get you a cake. Or a pie.

I love you!!


  1. What is with the Tappana boys knowing someone everywhere they go? It's insane and drives me crazy. I think it's because they sit there and scan the room to see if they can find someone they know. At least the three youngest ones do. Seriously, watch them. Anytime you go some where they just sit there looking around at the other people.
    Anyways. I'm glad you guys had fun and I think it's funny that you got yourself a swimsuit on Sam's birthday.
    Happy Birthday Sam!

  2. im very proud of you for willingly admitting you peed your pants. and you watched a lifetime movie-hahahahha

  3. Tim scans the room...but he never finds anyone he knows. It's usually me :). Haha!
    I think you made the weekend awesome! How fun to go away just the two of you and spend some time together. Although I love being a mommy, that's one of the hardest parts about having a baby. Tim and I don't get to go and do things just the two of us as often anymore. Enjoy these moments! Pretty soon you'll have a little one that will take most of your attention for awhile :)