Thursday, March 17, 2011

Be careful what you wish for...

A few weeks ago, Sam and I were talking about being sick. We wanted a day where we were just sick enough to stay home from work. A day when we didn't do anything, and we get away with it. A mini vacation day if you will. For some reason, we just wanted to be really sick. I guess an excuse to lay around.

Well, we both got our wish.

It hit Sam first. Last Monday, he had to go home from work early with what I believe to be the flu. (he thought it was food poisoning) He was so miserable all day long, not being able even to sleep. He asked me"why did I wish to be sick." By Tuesday he was alright at back at work.

Then it hit me. It walloped me. It laughed at me in the face. Yesterday I woke up feeling sick, but I just thought it was morning sickness. As the morning went on, I was feeling worse and worse, finally throwing up in my garbage can at my desk. Thinking that would be the end of it (as it usually is with morning sickness) I continued to work, and continued to feel like crap. Finally, I asked my boss to go home and by that time I was miserable. I couldn't keep my food down, I had a fever, and I ached everywhere. It's continued on today. Not as bad granted, but boy, I got it good. And just like Sam, I asked myself "Why did I wish to be sick."

So, be careful what you wish for.


  1. I've had weeks like that too where I've wished to be sick so that I could stay home. I just had it maybe we somehow passed it around in the family. Glad you're feeling better! Its seriously not fair to be sick when you're pregnant. Moms should get a free pass from all illness for the rest of their lives as far as I'm concerned. To bad it never happens that way...

  2. i wish for a million kittens that lick my toes and tickle my feet. and i wish you not to be sick too. and for abby and baby olive to be the bestest of friends 4eva!

  3. Getting sick while you are sick and pregnant is THE WORST. I'm sorry you had to go through that. Now everyone that is sick just stay away from me because I am NOT wishing for a sick day. In fact, I think I'll go load up on some Vitamin C, use hand sanitizer, and wash every door knob in my house :)