Thursday, March 31, 2011


Yesterday we said goodbye to this place: And said hello to this place! Our NEW house!!
We own a house...well ok we have a mortgage, but really, who wants to get technical?

We spent almost the first two years of our married life living downtown. I will miss it so much. We have had a lot of good memories and fun times. It has been an adventure. But there are also things I won't miss so much about downtown. So, to celebrate/reminisce, here is a list of things I'll miss, and things not so much.

Things I'll miss:

  • My big bathroom and walk in closet. The new house, although I love it, doesn't have those...even though I have a TON more room everywhere else!

  • My red wall. But I will eventually have one again.

  • The swimming pool. I feel like I didn't take nearly enough advantage last summer with it, and now I'll have to pay if I want to swim...which this summer I will probably want to do a lot of seeing as I'll already be whale-like. (joke)

  • My walk to work. The park by our house was always so pretty no matter the time of year. And the ducks just came back for the summer. Last summer, there were ducklings that I wanted to snatch. Sam said no.

  • Late night walks around town. There was always some place to go, and later at night was more fun. Although Saturday afternoon walks were great too.

  • Memory Grove. I love living at the mouth of it. One direction you go, you have city. The other direction, the mountains with the river. I loved peacful walks up there. (But don't go out at night...the vampires come out.)

  • The homeless man who sleeps under a tree in City Creek Park. I could always count on him being right there.

  • Living so close to a Temple, and going to church at the JSMB, where you would look at the window and see the Temple. It was nice walking there just to sit and talk.

  • My ward. I have grown to love my ward so much. More and more young people were moving in and it was great!

  • The Avenues Smiths. I love that place!

  • Living close to Temple Square during an event like the Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert or Conference. I always had a parking spot.

Things I won't miss:

  • My tiny closet of an apartment. We didn't have room to store stuff, spiders were lurking around every corner (from the basklisk) and weird black stuff grew on the walls.

  • Not having a landlord. That will be the BEST!

  • Not worrying about my car being towed. (happend only once, and it was the WORST)

  • Being able to go to the library with out worrying where I'll park and weather or not I will get pillaged by the people that hang out outside the library.

  • Same thing with the gym, minus the creepy people.

  • Not having to commute to see family

  • I for sure won't miss the Walmart. That one is where all the "people of Walmart" pictures are taken I swear.

  • Paying for laundry and having to wait for other people to move their laundry before I can do mine.

And to top it off, things I'm excited for:

  • Having room to store things

  • Having a yard

  • Painting/fixing up my NEW house

  • Making Abby's room super cute

  • Mowing. I love mowing.

  • Being as loud as I want in my house and not worrying about the neighbors

  • Having my own washer/dryer

  • TWO toilets. (one full bathroom, one half)

  • A basement

I feel very blessed to be in a house already. I know that times might get hard. The payment is obviously more then we were paying for rent, but it is sure worth it. I am glad I am able to be in my grandmas house, to keep it in the family. I just feel like her and my grandpa are watching over me even more. I love and miss them, and now I will always have a part of them.

On other news, I have been craving bright crawlers since MONDAY. I decided last night when I had a dream about eating them, I'd better give in.

And so these are in my desk at work. Mostly gone. And I'm enjoying every minute of them. I mean really, if a pregnant girl DREAMS about food, that justifies buying it no?


  1. vampires, basiliks, and gummy worms- my top 3 favorite things in life.

  2. Jealous of the house. Jealous of the brite-crawlers.

  3. Just a bit of'll probably still have spiders. They seem to move into whatever dwelling is close enough for their eight legged disgustingness. YUCK! Tim and I have the house sprayed every four months religiously...I honestly haven't seen a spider inside in about six months. SO nice! :)

    I'm excited to help you renovate! It will be fun! :)