Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Eighth Month

When I first became pregnant, I swore I wouldn't be the type of mom that only blogged/tweeted/facebooked about their kid. And I think I have lived up to that.

The only good thing about having a sick baby is she is extra cuddly. Other than that, babies shouldn't be allowed to be sick.

I wish we could keep Abby up till 10:30 every night if it meant she wouldn't wake up til 8:30!
Who has two thumbs and gets to be with Abby all day now? This girl.
Uh oh...Abby has her mama's temper.


  1. I like how after you gave her the keys she immediately started cooing happily :) Oh she's a sweet funny little girl. I for one am glad that she's dramatic because it provides entertainment for me and, well, I won't have to deal with it if it ever becomes a problem :) Happy Eight Months Abby!

  2. oh my goodness my little princess just keeps getting prettier and prettier- like her mama. im so glad you got a pic of the teeth too!!

  3. She is by far the cutest 8 month old niece I have! I just love her to pieces, and I think that everytime I see her beautiful face :). I feel kinda lucky having so many beautiful nieces...we all must have awesome genes or something. Happy 8 months Abby! And for the record...I think she is the happiest baby I've ever been around. I think you're lying when you say otherwise... :)