Monday, April 30, 2012

Music Monday And a Really Great Weekend

This weekend was just what Sam and I needed. Have you ever had those times as a parent when you feel like you and your husbands relationship is lacking? Like you're so focused on baby that you forget to take some time to focus on each other? That is how we were last week. Tensions were sort of high between us, and I felt like we were always grumpy with one thing or another, whether it was school, work, housework, each other, or money. So this weekend, we fixed that and had a fantastic time.

Friday night before I went to work, we hung out at our friend Tyson's house. He had a little goodbye party for himself. Sam played some ball, and I sat freezing around the fire with the other girls chit chatting. (side note: much to my dismay, turns out Abby is going to like watching sports seeing as she couldn't get enough of watching her daddy play ball) Saturday we spent the evening running errands then ended up at Wingers to share an Asphalt Pie and watch Allred play there. Don't worry, he recognized us Sam when we walked in and even knows our his name. AND commented on how big Abby is getting. That's right. He knows us Sam and Abby. After that, poor Abby had had it, so after a quick trip to Walmart it was home for us. After Abby went to sleep we just watched our new favorite show, "How I Met Your Mother". Sunday after church we all took naps, then fixed a yummy roast dinner, and took turns riding bikes around the neighborhood. Abby went to bed earlier than usual, so Sam and I played Wii Sports (finding out I am 76 years old in Wii sports years, him 38) and then just again watched HIMYM.

I know this doesn't seem like any unusual weekend. We didn't go on a fancy date, we didn't spend a lot of money, (can't spend what you don't have:) ) and we didn't do anything more crazy then shop at Walmart at 9:00 on a Saturday night, but something was different about this weekend. I feel rejuvenated and more in love with him then ever.

So in honor of loving him more than ever, here is a love song: Ingrid Michaelson's "You and I"

I just feel like this song describes our life right now almost perfectly.


  1. I'm glad you had a rejuvenating weekend together. They are so nice! Hopefully you guys can plan a short trip soon to really spend time together.

  2. a- i love that song. you have such great music taste my bff8
    b- i loved your weekend more. you guys arent always going to be poor, or just have abby, or in that house, or be young or whatnot. i love how you guys live it up and im soooo so jealous you guys do such fun, relaxing things together. justin wouldnt be caught dead on a bike. and i have a theory why allred doesnt "know' your name- its bc hes still hung up on the fact that you love that one dude from cedar---dont call me kirby...what was his name??!

    and ya, himym is awesome. i would make babies with barney.