Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter-Take Two

Easter weekend wasn't the funnest for us. Mostly me. My body decided to get sick and I basically missed it. Saturday, after doing nothing all day, I dragged myself to my dads Easter concert that he was able to sing in with the Temple Square Choral. It was a fun date night and so nice to see my dad singing once again in the Tabernacle. The music was beautiful too! I just felt pretty miserable. But then when I woke up Sunday morning to shower, I realized I just needed to go back to bed. So I missed church, which I'm sure was wonderful, and I slept the whole time while Sam took Abby to church in her new cute Easter dress. However, being sick wasn't the only thing that went wrong that day. I never got shoes for Abby to go with her dress, so it just didn't look the same AND when I went to make dessert for my moms later that day (yes i went. for the food.) I burned it. And that was after telling my family how yummy the dessert was (my sister in law Ashley made it and I'll never go back to normal strawberry shortcake). Don't worry though, it still tasted ok, albeit burnt. But seriously, you should taste it not burned!

Long story short, since Easter was such a bummer and I took no pictures, I made us all dress up this Sunday as if it was Easter and take family pictures...Abby's new shoes and all.

Side note: I didn't get the memo to wear purple like Sam and Abby.
Side side note: actually, I was the one that caused them to match forgetting that I in fact did have a lavender shirt, even though I thought I didn't. (at least I painted my nails lavender.)
Showing off Abby's pretty dress.

I know, these pictures all look the same...but I couldn't decide which ones to post. Especially I love the 3rd pic.

Trying to show that both of us had white shoes/our little Easter Bunny with her little Easter bunny.
Despite not feeling well, I know that isn't what Easter is really about. I am so thankful for my savior. I know he lives and because of Him, we too can live again.


  1. oh my gosh i just love her dress!! and your shirt is super cute- despite it not bein g purple. i was just here pumping and landon was getting squirrly go i picked him up and showed him his gf and he got all cute and stared at her- hhahhaa! oh and i too love that pic of her grabbing your face. post that strawberry recipe!

  2. It's too bad we both had to have second Easters because we were sick! Dang germs and kids that pass them around like they're skittles. I love the family pictures, it makes me jealous because we really need a new updated one!