Thursday, April 12, 2012


Kristen Stewart. She is a terrible actress. And I don't understand why she keeps getting casted. With her terrible acting and her mouth breathing, needless to say they could have done better. Here are a few people that would have made a better Bella Swan then the current.

Nina Dobrev from Vampire Diaries

Michelle Trachtenberg
Ashley Green...then again who would play Alice?
Even I would make a better Bella Swann.

Or maybe I could play Kristen Stewart herself, If there was ever a biographical movie made about her.

But lets be honest, that is never going to come to pass.


  1. Oh how I miss seeing and chatting with you :) You crack me up, however it is so true she is a terrible actress!

  2. Hahahaha! I love the side by side pictures of you and Kristen Bell. Only problem is her two front teeth are much larger and stick out much further and much more unattractively than yours. You could use chiclets or some kind of fake teeth if you do end up playing her in her future biographical movie :)

  3. hahahaa you are such a kstew hater. i dont like her either but i don't loathe her either. i agree with the mouth breathing- and her constant lack of smiling. and her "im too good for this twilight thing". this is hilarious!!

  4. Nina Dobrev would have made an awesome Bella. I also still stand by my conviction that Stefan is Edward. :) I mean Paul Wesley should have been casted as Edward, or maybe he is Edward in my head, who knows! ;)

  5. ha ha. I couldn't hate an actress more, this post epitimises everything I think about her. Thank you. The blogging world would also like to thank you.