Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Snapshots of Conference Weekend

I love General Conference weekend. I think it should be a few extra days! Nothing beats cuddling down with my family and listening to our church leaders.

Not working Friday night made the weekend extra awesome. Lunch date at Subway with Abby, attempting to play with bubbles, mission reunion with free OLIVE GARDEN, meeting Baby Jackson, (Abby is confused as you can tell) such a beautiful baby boy! Congratulations Tim and Ash! Girls night at Leatherbys, puff pancakes, Abby's bow in her hair without a headband and of course muddy buddies. Topped off the night by Chinese food at the Tappanas.

Such an uplifting weekend. Hope yours was great as well!


  1. how fabulous! is that naomi's recipe? i tried them and failed miserably. how in the WORLD did you get free OG? so jealous! i love the bubbles and muddies. and esp sams bumbo on his head.

  2. I see that Brigham has had too much of an influence on Sam lately. And I'm with Mel on the free Olive Garden. Delish.

    Speaking of delish - those muddy buddies were especially delicious last Sunday. It was a particularly excellent batch!

  3. Sadly...we were still at the darned hospital Sunday...although, I'm sure we probably wouldn't have attended anyway :). Glad you guys managed to somehow have an enjoyable time without us...although I'm sure it was difficult. After all, we know I'M the life of the party with our Tappana clan. Hahahaha
    And how come we never go on lunch dates? You and Kari and me should plan a day and go and do something together. After all...we're stay at home mommies! Yay! :)