Monday, April 9, 2012

Music Monday: Home

This weekend was a bummy one. We were all sick, me missing church/Easter yesterday I was so crappy. Today I feel a little better, but I wanted a song to really get me moving. This song, Home by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zero's did just the job.

I love this song. It was our summer 2010 anthem. It was a fantastic summer.
We celebrated our 2nd Anniversary

We went to Yellowstone with my family
And we enjoyed hikes, picnic's, rainstorms, and Holidays.
Yes summer of 2010, you rocked. Last summer I feel I got jipped. I was too pregnant and puffy to want to to anything for too long outside and then we had a little newborn. Not that it wasn't a fantastic summer but we didn't do much. (plus it rained for most of it.)

I can't wait for this coming summer!

Edit note: As my sister in law pointed out in the comments, we didn't celebrate our 2nd anniversary. It was in fact our first. I think i was thinking it was our second summer together. hahah. :) Thanks Ash!


  1. I'm sorry you guys were sick. We were sick all weekend too and it has been horrible! I love the pictures though and I'm excited for summer too!

  2. I hate to correct you...but summer 2010 was actually when you celebrated your 1st anniversary. You got married in 2009 silly! But it still looks like it was an awesome summer :).
    Still no speakers...still waiting on Tim to get them installed, and then I'll have to catch up on some songs you've posted!