Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Last Friday Night

Friday was the best day of the weekend. The whole weekend was awesome, but Friday was just the best.

I love going downtown. Living there our first two years of marriage put a special place in my heart for Salt Lake City. I try to head up on Friday afternoons at least once a month. We have lunch with my mom, and then just play til Sam gets off work. Lately, I have been going up a lot more often. I am on the job hunt and when I get one, my sweet downtown Fridays will be gone. This Friday, my mom wasn't around for lunch, but I packed up the girls anyway after their naps and headed to play on the Dinosaurs in the City Creek Food Court, which is my girls favorite place to play, until Sam got off work.
Maddies post nap crazy hair
My favorite place in Salt Lake

After playing at the dinosaurs for a bit, we hit up chic-fil-a for some dinner. I love me a good chicken sandwich. After dinner, Abby wanted to go look at the water, so we stopped by a few of the little fountains for her to look at. She loved them so much, we decided to go to the little splash pad they have there to see if she would play in it, not expecting much. If any one knows Abby, you will know how much she HATES getting her face wet. So, we really didn't expect her to play for long. Just last week, I took her to a different splash pad, and she didn't even get wet, so imagine our suprise when she ran right in and started playing, having the time of her life! She was soaked to the bone, and enjoying every minute of it, even when the water hit her square in the face. She just laughed it off. Usually, she freaks out and the day is over.

Madalyn wanted nothing to do with the spash pad, but she did crawl often to the waters edge

After the splash pad fun, we decided to walk around in the sun to help Abby dry off a bit, and then rode trax around town. We then walked back to the car through Temple Square, where Abby kept saying that she wanted to get married in a long white dress. It was adroable really. When we saw a bride in a long white dress, that just made her night.

It was such a fun night walking around SLC. Hopefully we get a few more good nights like this before it gets too cold! Until next time...

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  1. abby is so adorable! and brave! what a fun, great night!!