Friday, August 15, 2014

Little Weekly Moments

I've decided I am going to start another segment on my blog, "Little Weekly Moments." Its going to take place of my life lately blog. (maybe. I still haven't decided.) I take WAY too many pictures I want to share, so this way you all get even more pictures of my girls. ha. I know that is what you want right?

I am feeling particularly sentimental this week, as I start work Monday, so there will be lots of pictures. I've been trying to soak up my last week as a full time stay at home mom by enjoying the littlest moments with my girls. Guys, I don't know how I'm going to do this working mom thing! So many mixed emotions have gone through me this week. My mood swings are giving Sam whiplash.

So, without further ado, our week.
This week, Maddie slept on me in primary on Sunday. After church we went to the park where Madalyn played with her fellow tiny cousins. On the way home, she was so cute and tuckered out. Then, I gave my filthy girls a bath and this was my tub after.
Abby thinks she is old enough to paint her nails, so I let her. This nail polish washes off with water, so why not? Every time I open the fridge, my cuties think they have to start taking food out of it. We are working on getting Madalyn to like other foods besides pureed, peanut butter sandwiches and macaroni and cheese. Needless to say, she didn't like the spaghetti.  
 I love watching my girls play in the tub together! They are so cute and I can't get enough of it. We tried Ramen with Madalyn and again, she wouldn't touch it. I got a new curling iron and it works fantastically on my hair. No matter how many times I give Madalyn her own sippy cup, she sneaks Abby's milk every time! (Abby had no idea here.)
 Abby loves hugging Madalyn. Madalyn feels differently about Abby's hugs. Maddie has learned to climb. On Wednesday, I had to keep moving my laptop higher and higher because she kept getting to it while I was working out. Abby made a makeshift violin out of the tablet and her sippy cup, and Madalyn discovered she likes slides. 
 Madalyn had fun climbing up the slide and looking down on me. Abby named this duck "Bella" and pretended it was her horse. I ran out to get the mail and was greeted my cute Maddie against my door, and these two cute girls helped me cook dinner yesterday. (blast Madalyn and her climbing skills!)
And lastly, these are pictures of me geeking out at F.Y.E. Sam had to walk away.

So, maybe I won't do this everyweek, but like I said, this week I am feeling extra sentimental. I needed to post these adorable pictures.


  1. Haha, Madalyn in cracking me up with her climbing and I love the picture of her with her cousins. It kind of looks like they are preying on her and she's like, "Hey come get me...I'm getting nervous."

    Oh, and your hair looks fantastic that in that picture. Is it a curling iron from Nonie? She got me one too and I love it!

  2. you seriously look so gorgeous in that pic! i love the hair and lipstick- and this is prob my fav post. i just love all the pics of your girls- they are so fun!