Tuesday, September 25, 2012

We've Got Ourselves A 14 Month Old

Abby is now 14 months old. While I still consider her a baby, I suppose technically she is a toddler. I will most likely be in denial about that for the next few months. Probably until she is married.

Abby is the biggest most cutest little stink. She is growing so fast and I can't believe the things she is doing and learning.

At 14 months old, Abby babbles like a crazy girl. She tells me the cutest stories. She knows what she is saying, even if I don't. Her face is so animated and she points different directions as she is talking. She is also really starting to love TV, especially Blues Clues, and when Steve sings his farewell song she waives at the TV or computer. It's a good 20 min distraction while I clean something, or get a minute to myself.

Abby prefers floor food better than highchair food, especially if I am trying to sweep it up and it's mixed with other delicious dirt. It adds flavor. (hence Blues Clues while I clean) And speaking of eating, she now refuses to be fed usually. She just has to do it herself, or she simply won't eat. Which brings us to the fact that she is the queen of throwing fits. No, don't let her cute innocent face fool you. She will arch back and roll around sometimes in a fit of rage. (rage she unfortunately gets from her mother.)
About to throw a mini fit when she didn't get to feed herself yogurt. 

Cute messy face; a mixture of snot and graham cracker.

Abby has silly little quirks already. She LOVES to sit on stairs. We discovered this Saturday when we sat her on the bottom stair and she just grinned and sat there for a good 15 min. (until I got the dishwasher out) So if she is upset about something, we sit her on the stair and she cheers right up. She LOVES to put her toys and binkies into anything-gaps between the changing table and wall, boxes, old ice cream buckets, the tub, baskets, her play pen, between the couch cushions-you name it. Also, every night when I leave to work, her and Sam walk me out and she starts to waive and blow kisses almost immediately once we are outside.  And sometimes her kisses are from her eye, forehead, or cheek.

We noticed recently she is starting to give us things when we ask. We'll see how long that lasts. Abby crawls like a maniac (which I was told means she'll be a good reader? Huh?) and has no interest to walk on her own. Oh sure, she'll walk along furniture, walls, and when we hold her hand, but sure as we let her go, she will drop slowly to the ground. She even dislikes walking toys. And my most favorite thing? Dancing whenever music comes on. Can't wait to teach her some of my tricks! (or get someone else to teach her. Whatever.)

Last but not least, she is a whole 19 pounds. Come on Abby, gain some weight so you don't hate getting into your carseat so much.

Boy oh boy do we love this child.

Oh and speaking of love, after journal searching (because we forgot the exact date) me and Sam found out we officially met for the first time on September 21, 2001. Abby's 14 month mark hit on our 11 year mark. Coincidence? Absolutely.


  1. oh my gosh her little hair bow is so cute!!! looks like bambam! and that pic of her on the stairs she looks so big. im so glad she loves her baby doll too. i cant believe how big she is- she needs to stop growing! but she is so beautiful and her little voice is so cute- i love her talking!!! you make some good babies my friend

  2. So...I'm pretty sure she's one of the cutest babies that ever lived. I loved the videos of her, and could listen to her little voice babble for hours. Maybe it's because I'm starved for any kind of baby babble around here? Also, the picture in her butterfly shirt on the stairs is to die for. I would frame that one. Maybe I'm just biased (I like to think we have a special zumba-buddy bond) but I pretty much love her. Don't let her grow up any more please :)

    ps. How sweet for you and Sam too :)
    pps. I'm so jealous she's going to be SUCH a good reader with her not being able to walk yet and everything ;)