Thursday, September 13, 2012

The dealio of life: I have one cute baby.

 Life has been taking important phone calls at Walmart, laundry at Grammy's til we can get our washer fixed/replaced, and brushing teeth with crazy hair at bathtime.
 It's been my new clearance shoes I got from Old Navy, eating healthy, fun pictures with a fun little girl, and going shopping at our old ghetto Walmart on 13th south,
 It's been a fun weekend at the State Fair, the Avenues Festival, and the Greek Festival. Even though we bought fair food, we still ended up not spending too much money. 
And lastly, it's been having one cool kid, pointing at things on our walk, and throwing her toys in a draining bathtub. (ya, we need some Draino)

I really love my life.

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  1. Oh cute Abby! I just love her! She makes me smile. I love these posts that you have with pictures from your phone. They're so fun to look at!