Sunday, September 16, 2012


When me and Sam were dating, we took every opportunity we could to kiss. Standing in line, going on walks, and especially at stoplights. We would kiss until the light turned green, or until someone honked at us to go. :) They were little gestures to show our love to each other.

Well then we got married, got over the honeymoon phase, had a baby, and kissed less. Oh don't get me wrong, we still show each other affection, we still kiss, but as you know once you get married and move on with life, things tend to change a little bit.

Yesterday, the primary presidency took the kids to look around the Temple grounds. As we were waiting to pull into the parking lot, there was an old couple in front of us. You could tell they were enjoying each others company, the way they were looking at each other in their over-sized sunglasses and laughing. As the light turned green and they pulled out into the intersection and waited to turn left, they leaned over and gave each other 3 pecks on the lips. My heart melted. Here they were, probably with 50+ years of marriage behind them, and they still kissed at stoplights. They still adored each other. Whatever happened in their life, they were still so in love.

I want to be like that with Sam. It seems like there are just times when life gets in the way. He gets home from work, we have a few hours together, then I leave to work. We don't get evenings together without Abby, we don't get pillow talk. We get very few moments together just us, and often times by the time Saturday comes, we feel disconnected with each other. Point is, marriage takes work. Every marriage will get busy, and you'll feel separated from each other.

So when our life gets even crazier with kids, work, school, house projects, church callings, sick babies, etc, I still want to find time to laugh with him, to go on dates with him, and especially kiss him at stoplights.


  1. super cute picture!! i like that story- i hope we can be like that when were old but prob not- justin hates kissing me. hahahaa

  2. I love the picture as well. Cute cute cute! While I feel embarrassed to kiss in public for some reason, I too hope that Brigham and I kiss each other when we're old. Even if it's just in private. Who knows, maybe by that age I'll throw propriety to the wind :)

  3. I love that. Such a sweet story! I know what you mean about kissing. It seems like we use to kiss all the time. But now, life is so busy, sometimes we forget those important things. I love our pillow talk though. We get that every night! I look forward to crawling in bed with Tim and chatting about the day while snuggling. Its my most favorite time of day. Thanks for sharing this Cait! Such a good reminder!