Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend was sure a fun one for us. The only thing that would have made it better was no work last night. Oh well. Can't have everything in life right?

It all started Friday when, once again, me and Abby ventured downtown for lunch with grammy and daddy. Since we are out a car, I decided to wait for Sam to get off work at a park near our old apartments. Abby fell asleep on the way over, so I found the perfect reading tree and read my book for a half hour before Abby got up to play. It was perfect.
I felt as happy finding the perfect reading tree as Rory did when she found her study tree. (and behind that tree is our dream house)
Saturday after a day of lesson-planning and cleaning, me and Sam dropped of Abby at his folks house and headed to the Bees game. It was pouring rain, so the game was delayed 2 hours, but it was fun to just people watch, eat a big pretzel and talk, without worrying about keeping a very active 13 month old entertained.
Sunday we had dinner with my family, where Abby enjoyed eating playing in her food. After dinner, we all sat outside while the kids played and the adults talked. Abby and her cousin Brae are becoming quite good friends. It is one of the cutest things in the world.
Monday, after yard work and cleaning, we again met up with my family at Copperton park for a BBQ and a friendly game of kickball. Abby enjoyed the toys, being pushed around by her cousins in Brae's truck, and kicking the ball and running base to base with Auntie Chels. Even with the fit she threw that lasted forever, and despite almost dying while she choked on chips, I think she had a blast.
And now that Summer is over, I say bring on cooler weather. I love fall!!


  1. oh my gosh she almost choked on a chip!!!! how scary!!! i just love that pic of her mouth open at dinner-- soo stinkin cute! how weird, 13 months! i guess its time for another, right sam?? hahaha

  2. What a fun weekend! Tim and I did pretty much nothing. Yep...that about sums it up. But it looks like you guys had enough fun for us too :). I love that you're so good at taking pictures! I really wish I was better at it. Maybe it will be my new years resolution or something. Oh...and we should go to Copperton park with the Tappana family!!!