Wednesday, August 1, 2012

31 Day Challenge.

You have heard me mention before how much I love July right? Well my hate for August is as strong as my love for July. I HATE August. I call it the January of summer. It comes after all sorts of summer celebrations and then boom, your back to normal stinking life again. And not only does August not have any sort of holiday in it to look forward to, but it is hot and muggy and sticky, and I don't do August heat well.

So, I've made a plan to help make August more interesting/fun. (or will I be making it even more death?) me and Sam (but mostly me) are doing a 31 days of healthy challenge.

Really, Its not just about making August an easier month to get through, it's for me. I'm tired of not feeling good about myself. I'm tired of the baby weight I still have to lose a whole YEAR later. I am tired of spending money on food because I don't have anything delicious or interesting to make. (or even that I'm too lazy to make dinner.) I'm tired of working my butt off, then eating it right back on.

31 Days of Healthy goals:

  • Cook healthier every night. Mostly skinny meals, but even just cooking at home vs. going out will save a load of calories. (and money!)
  • NO eating out, but if we do it has to be healthy. If we go to a restaurant with our friends, weight watchers menu here I come. 
  • Exercise at least 5X a week. Honestly, this goal I've basically gotten down thanks to my womens aerobics class I go to in my ward.
  • Only one coke a week. I still need at least one coke, which will be hard. I LOVE coke, so this is a huge sacrifice. And I won't drink diet instead. It doesn't taste nearly as good to me.
  • Sundays are my 'free' days. I can have my dessert and eat it too. 
  • Drink more water, at least 32oz a day
  • More fruits and veggies.
To help me with some of these goals, I've ordered me a bountiful basket, bought a whole ton of healthy food, (wheat pasta included. Sam isn't thrilled) and pinned a lot of skinny meals on pinterest. 

To help me stay motivated, I will be blogging/facebooking/tweeting my progress. And sharing the yummy meals I have found too!

I really hope this 31 day challenge is just what I need to kick-start being healthier. 


  1. Good for you! I'm proud of you...and I'll be drinking my daily diet coke and thinking about you :). should switch. Diet is SOOOOOO much better than that sugary crappy disgusting Coke drink that you prefer :). Hahahaha. Really though, super proud of you sister! You can do it!

  2. I'm impressed! I would love to share recipes with you and work out together. I've got to get my husband kicked in gear too - although it seems he's been exercising while I've been gone.

    Go Cailtin, go go go Caitlin! Now someone needs to help me be healthy too!

  3. Good luck! I believe in you, and i know you can do it! I'll be silently cheering for you as I read your posts. :)