Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Delio of Life, According To My Phone

Here are some extra tid bits that have been going on with the Tappana clan lately.
I am super jealous of my daughters beautiful long eyelashes. Seriously, why don't I have those? Abby has been a little sick lately, so we have been feeding her a lot of otter pops and she LOVES them. She fell asleep snuggling her tiny doll that Mel gave her. She is always squeezing it and giving it kisses eating its head.
The after party loopies kicked in and while cleaning up, and me and Sam got into a cake fight, that I started, and he won. An example of Abby eating Tiny's head, and feeling forgotten and sad the day of her party as we were trying to get everything ready, thus ignoring her just a bit. If only she knew we were doing her a favor! (by the way she acted later that night it was no favor to her!)
Spontaneous late night date eating Del Taco while watching How I Met Your Mother, (much needed mind you)I can't vacuum anymore around Abby, seeing as she is terrified of it, and Abby showing off her sun-kissed cheeks and cute glasses after camping.
Abby having fun with her Uncle DJ on the 24th. Drinking what I thought would be her last bottle ever. Turns out that is harder to break than I thought and she refuses to drink whole milk from her sippy cup. (but at least it was her last bottle of formula ever) My cold ma and pa during our last night of camping, and my cold bundled up sleeping baby, before she had to climb into Sams sleeping bag for the rest of the night.
Lastly, Abby falling asleep in her highchair, the only way I could keep her entertained while I ran was to put her in her high chair with cheerios and turn on Sesame Street (notice the cheerios in the ground she had fun throwing), and sleeping with her bum in the air.

Life is sweet.


  1. im so glad she loves the baby!!! my friends little girl loved it too- i thought theyd be too early but i guess its never too early for girls to be girls! well... in abbys case, a vampire to be a vampire. i too am jealous of her eyelashes- does she get them from sam? landon wanted me to tell abby that he too hates the vacumn machine and screams whenever he hears it. so he feels her pain

  2. Don't feel too bad about the bottle. I totally thought I'd be done with Emmy's when she was one too...but alas, like Abby, she refused to drink milk out of anything other than a bottle. She still doesn't care for it much. But, the only way I could get her to drink it was from the bottle. I guess she gets it from me though...I'm not too big of a milk fan either. I don't think you or Kari really care for it too. Funny how that works huh? :)
    Love the pictures! So fun!