Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Camping and the 24th.

Attention readers (all 4 of you): get ready for a ton of blog posts coming your way. A ton has been going on lately with our little family, so a ton of blogs are about to come you way. I know. You are thrilled.

To start, this past weekend we went camping with my family to the Spruces up Big Cottonwood Canyon. This has been a tradition for us to go up over the 24th since about 2002. The last 2 years however, we weren't able to go, so I was super excited for it this year.

Abby enjoyed it too, especially when her cousins played with her and shared their toys with her.

So to sum it up, enjoy some highlights and some lowlights of our trip.

Day 1 Highlights: Finally getting up to the big mountain air, roasting hot dogs over the fire, enjoying time with just my siblings as we laughed late into the night, over said fire.

Day 1 Lowlights: Our air mattress had a hole in it, therefore making us sleep on the rocks under our tent. Not only did we sleep on the hard ground, but we also forgot our pillows. Thankfully my cute niece and nephew loaned us their pillows and they used there pillow pets. But alas, we both didn't sleep very well. We also realized we forgot a whole bunch of other necessary camping things. Thank goodness for family who helped us out.

Day 2 Highlights: Lazing around all day reading, celebrating Abby's 1st bday, (separate blog post to come) my parents coming up and saving us with our pillows and a new air mattress, therefore both sleeping like babies that night, and delicious dutch oven chicken and potatoes, and peach cobbler for dessert.

Day 2 Lowlights: Falling down as I was carrying my lunch to the table, trying to get back up from said fall, and falling again spilling my lunch and stubbing my toe. One of my nieces reminding me that flip flops weren't for the mountains and that is why I fell, and losing terribly at the "how many cars will pass til grammy and papa get here" game we all played.

Day 3 Highlights: Again, lazing around all day, reading, talking, laughing. Watching Abby get filthy as she crawled around playing in the dirt. Going on a mini hike with my brothers, Ali, and nieces and nephews, and a Sundee afternoon nap with Sam and Abby in our tent.

Day 3 Lowlights: The dang Pot Bellies nibbling through my bag and finishing off my Muddy Buddies, Abby had her first real throw up...chunkage all down her jammies (the only pair I brought) and even worse than that, the drunk people that were on a company retreat and kept me up til about 4am. Seriously, they were shooting airsoft guns, yelling, laughing, HOWLING AT THE MOON, running everywhere. I called the cops. Don't you worry.

Day 4 Highlights: Giving Abby a bath she didn't love but she looked adorable while having it. (she smelled like puke.) And running for cover when a huge rainstorm hit us hard. It was cozy and beautiful.

Day 4 Lowlights: Realizing that the rain got all of Abby's bedding wet, and made our last night of sleeping there really cold. Abby slept with daddy all night because she wouldn't sleep in her cold pack-n-play.

Day 5 Highlights: Showering after 4 days, a LONG afternoon nap on our couch in front of Thor, and a BBQ and fireworks last night with the Tappana side. Abby falling asleep during the fireworks and not even flinching at the loud ones.

Day 5 Lowlights: Unpacking, cleaning up, laundry, and getting back into the normal swing of things.

Good trip all in all I'd say.

I sure do love my family. Both sides.


  1. oh my gosh it seems like so much fun- but so much work! i dont think im brave enough to take a baby camping but she seemed like she loved it! i love her little dirt face and getting a bath. i cant believe our little abbinator is 1 years old!!!

  2. LOVED this post! Makes me want to go camping again, we had horrible sleeping nights camping and dirty babies too :) I call for a Tappana side camping trip!

    And bring on the posts, I've been feeling post-hungry lately. Probably because I miss everyone.