Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Things that make me happy lately.

My morning aerobics class. Not only does Laura kick my butt, but Abby enjoys getting into everyone else's things, no matter what I bring her to play with. 

Watermelon. Juicy, fruity, watermelon.

Going downtown. I just love to spend time at our old stomping grounds.

Happy Abby first thing in the morning. I almost think that is the time she is most cute.

The smell of a summer rainstorm. The sound of thunder. The feel of a cool breeze coming through my windows. (no matter how short-lived)

Holding a sleeping baby in my arms.

The thought that in a week and a half, we will be camping. And doing nothing but relaxing.

The (hopefully) two hour nap I'm about to take.


PS: I've decided there needs to be something said other than "goodnight" when you're just taking a nap. Because it's not night, you're just taking a nap...

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