Saturday, July 21, 2012

365 Days

365 days ago, at exactly 12:34 pm, Sam and my life changed forever. Little Abbigale Mae Tappana was born, and was absolutely perfect in every way.

This past year has been the hardest, most exhausting, challenging, rewarding, amazing year of our lives. Abby has brought us so much happiness and love to our home. I still can't believe she is all ours, forever.

Happy Birthday beautiful baby girl. We love you so, so much.

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  1. Happy Birthday Abby! She's such a sweetheart and spunky little beautiful girl. We miss her and send lots of love her way.

    It's weird to think back a year and remember the birth of a child and think how fast it's gone but how long it's been. Crazy :) Happy Anniversary to becoming a mom!