Sunday, July 8, 2012

My Favorite Month

You all may recall this post last year when I wrote about my love for July. This July has so far lived up to my standards and has started out with a bang. We decided to head down to St. George with the rest of my family. My whole family was there at one time or another. It was a blast!

So here is a picture overload of our trip. I'll try and hold back a bit. Maybe.

Last Saturday morning (June 30) we loaded up our car and hit the road sort of early (by 8am...we were shooting for 7. Just an hour later). Abby was a champ on the way down, probably due to her new car-seat. We only had to stop once in Fillmore to let her play. We headed straight to Zion, had a picnic with my family, and then my brother Erik, his wife Ali and me and Sam hiked up to the Narrows and played in the water. It was SUPER hot and the water felt wonderful.

On Sunday we wanted to get out of the heat, so we headed to Pine Valley. It was so nice and cool. And I don't know what it is about picnics in the mountains, but I swear the food tasted better. After Pine Valley, we all swam. My family sure knows how to clear out a swimming pool.
I love my nephews!
The next morning, my birthday, started out nice and relaxed. Sam brought me breakfast in bed and I watched 2 and a half hours of Boy Meets World on ABC Family. I was in heaven. We then went to Best Buy to buy me my present; my new phone. That night, my other brother Jared and Emily and the kids, along with my mom and dad joined us at Applebees and then we headed back to Zion to watch the sunset there. We split up when we got there and me and Sam went on a hike to the Emerald pools. It was so nice being in Zion later at night. Even though it caused Abby to go nuts and keep up up til about 1 screaming.

It was a wonderful Birthday.

Tuesday was the sad day of leaving. Until then, we spent the morning swimming and playing at a splash pad. And then we begrudgingly packed up our bags and hit the road once more, stopping at Jack In The Box, on the way out. The ride home wasn't as easy for Abby and she screamed from about Provo to home. She, like me, was very sad the vacation was over.

Thankfully, we still had the 4th to look forward to. We slept in late (abby sleeping in til 10:30) made pancakes, hiked a hard hike up from Silver Lake (totally worth it) and had a BBQ with Dan and Nonie. Unfortunately, we didn't see any fireworks that night. Abby had had it with traveling and being cooped up. Thankfully for us, we did see fireworks at Taylorsville Dayzz the day before we left for St. George.

It was a fun beginning of my favorite month. Despite being in a deep depression that it was over all day Thursday and Friday, I am glad we were able to have fun. I am excited for the other many festivities this month will bring us, including camping and Abbys 1st birthday!

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  1. Looks so fun! I'm glad you had a great time and I love cute Abby in the hiking backpack. July is really the best month EVER.