Thursday, June 28, 2012

Me Time

I rarely get me time. During Abby's three hour nap in the day, I too need to nap when really I'd rather turn on a good movie or read to my hearts desire. (however, I've come to love my almost daily 2 hour naps.) So while some of you may think taking a nap is me time, for me it is absolutely necessary.

So when do I get my me time? At 2:00 in the morning when I get home from work. The house is quiet, and I don't have to worry about little hands getting into anything. Despite how hard it is to go to my job, I so look forward to that half hour or so after I get home to get ready for bed and read for a while without the guilt I feel when I read in the day while Abby sneaks off to the stairs or finds the tiniest objects to put into her mouth.

And I also love peeking in on this beautiful sleeping baby.

I just love quietly tip-toeing into her room, wondering how she got into some of her sleep positions, and just staring at her for a while. Its during this time that I reflect on how I still can't believe she is mine, and how she has grown up so much. What is it about a sleeping baby that just makes the heart melt?

And after tip-toeing out of her room, I just enjoy the peace and quiet of the night with a good book.

Oh and climbing into bed next to this sleeping guy is pretty amazing too.

Love you babe!


  1. hahaha does sam know hes made blog glory in his snoozy state? hahaa dont feel guilty for your me-time! i do it first thing in the morning when landon wakes up and plays. primo-fbsing time

  2. I always sit and ponder why sleeping babies are so beautiful/wonderful/make me want to cry with love. It's an amazing thing.

    Also, I LOVE Abby's bedding, I don't know that I've ever noticed it before. Adorable.

  3. I took pictures of Emmy and her sleeping patterns for an entire week once. It cracks me up how crazy their bodies can get while sleeping and how they can even stand to sleep in those positions! Cute pictures :). I'm glad you get some much needed "me-time"...even if it's at 2:00 in the morning!