Monday, June 18, 2012

The weekend that beat me up and killed my phone.

This weekend was fantastic. We had so much fun...but it came with a few injuries to myself, and my brand-newish phone. Lets start from the beginning.

So I must say, life as a stay at home mom can be a little dull....especially with a sick baby. Abby cut two teeth this week and was down with a fever for two days. By Friday, I was very stir-crazy but assumed my day was going to be full of what the rest of my days the past week was: nothing. So I went to yoga that morning and by that afternoon, Sam came up with the idea that me and Abby meet him downtown for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants: Asian Isle.

So about 4:00 Abby and I headed over to Trax for Abby's first train ride. The train that takes me to the stop I was supposed to get off at was difficult to get Abby's stroller/carseat combo on. It didn't fit up the stairs and NO ONE helped me. So I waited for the next train and walked to Sam's work. It wasn't that bad, and Abby enjoyed her train ride I think. And the food, as always, was delicious!
Train ride, chillen in her seat, and Asian Isle
After dinner we drove around and enjoyed town before rushing home for my last night of 9:00 work. And nope, this wasn't the part I got beat up at.

Saturday morning we slept in. Once we were up and got our chores done, we smothered Abby in sun screen, got in our swimming suits and spent the afternoon at Taylorsville Pool. Abby really hated it at first. She cried the WHOLE time in the water and then fell asleep. Sam and I took turns swimming laps and jumping off the diving bored while she slept. I realized that it was probably time to put sunscreen on myself....not realizing how long it had been. So Sam made an effort to lather me up. Meanwhile, my ear was getting very plugged up but I didn't think much about it, and my new swimsuit shorts were chaffing my legs, making them hurt more and more. When Abby woke up, she started to like the pool. We stayed for a little while longer and made our way home. My ear was still plugged. So plugged I couldn't hear. When we got to the car and my phone slid into a cup of water and shut itself off. I put it in rice, and we quickly got ready, ear still plugged, phone still broken, and legs still chaffing, to go to a wedding reception. During that time, I was getting more and more EARitated. I could not hear out of my right ear. We went to the reception, got some dinner and then got me some ear drops. Which didn't help. By that time I realized my back was FRIED! I waited too long to put sunscreen on.

So lets review all my injuries so far: broken phone, chaffed legs, plugged right ear, and sunburn. Miserable. But despite that it was so much fun. And Abby is quite the adorable water baby!

By Sunday morning, my ear was still super plugged, so I spent the morning at Insta-care getting it checked out. I missed some of church but it was worth it. It was starting to hurt. It was full of disgusting ear wax. Once it came out it was like a whole new ear. The rest of the day was visiting our dads, eating yummy food, and Sam busily getting ready for scout camp.

Like I said, super fun weekend. But to add to the list of my injuries, I woke up this morning with a very stiff neck. So sunburn, chaffed legs, stiff neck, no phone, and Sam is away til Wednesday on scout camp and I miss him. At least I can hear out of my hear again!

And Wednesday, please hurry and get here.


  1. my poor puddlepaws. what a horrible, no-good weekend :( did you get a new phone? i love abbys little swimsuit- i wish we could go swimming together. you look fabulous though- did you get a new swimsuit? at least you got some yume food.
    oh and i get cloggy earwax ears all. the. time. landon has super wzxy ears too. i use qtips sparingly and use a hydrogen peroxide/water mix and let it sit in my ear for a while and that helps. love and miss you!!

  2. I was wondering if you got a new swimming suit too! And I have to say that I LOVE Abby's green swim suit. A.d.o.r.a.b.l.e. And I love that you got a picture with her in her cute green sunglasses. Who ever picked those out sure has good taste ;)
    What I don't love is everything getting all beat up. Hope you're feeling better!

  3. I feel very left out from you and Kari. It's like this sister-in-law doesn't even exist. Gosh!
    Anyway...Abby's swim suit is adorable! Emmy had one like that last year :). I love the father's day present you did for Sammy in the previous post too. Super cute! The pictures of Abby are just lovely! I can see why it was by far his favorite :).