Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Eleventh Month

Photo done by Erik Bingham
It's that time again. Time for another baby update. And once again I am shocked Abby is already 11 months. Even more shocked that in less than a month from now, my little baby will be one year. I can't help but play the last moments of my pregnancy in my head. What I was doing and feeling a year ago. How uncomfortable I was. And now she is 11 months, a few short weeks to a year. Time really does fly. Way too fast.

Weight: Abby is still a whole 18 lbs. I swear, no matter what we do to plump her up, it doesn't work. I promise we don't starve her! We offer her plenty. Perhaps she throws more on the floor than I thought she did. She is just a small little thing.
Waving while she eats, chillen in her stroller, cool beach baby, and Harry Potter Abby.
Food she likes: Well, as far as pureed baby food, Abby is done. She prefers to feed herself, causing a huge mess if I try and feed her by swatting my hands away with her flailing arms. Once in a blue moon though, I can still feed her the fruits. But mostly she is onto 100% table food. She loves pancakes, bread, lunch meat, string cheese, mac and cheese, peas, strawberries, and especially grapes.
Hamming it up while eating.
What she can do: Abby is a pro at climbing the stairs now. Such a pro, that even when we have blocked the stairs with a chair, she will find the tiniest space to crawl through to get to the stairs. She is also really good at crawling away from us, and quickly. She will look back, laugh, and crawl her little might out. She is a quick one. She is also quick to crawl to things she knows she isn't supposed to be into....like when I unload the dishwasher, she is right there trying to 'help'. She is also getting good at growing hair so I can do more cute little ponytails. And now "Dada" isn't just a noise she is making. She knows what she is saying.
Discovering the way to the stairs, a short-lived victory, and then I dashed her hopes and dreams by turning the chair the other way.
What we are working on: Growing even more hair, balancing on her own while standing, finding more nutritious food and snacks that a girl with only 6 front teeth can chew. Learning that 'mama' is me.

Favorite Things: She loves drinking from her straw sippy, hugging her doggy (that sadly I don't have a picture of) swimming, and bath time. And playing with anything BUT her toys.
Mama let me out!!
Things she hates: Her car-seat. We are heading to St. George Saturday and I honestly don't know how she will do on a 3 hour ride in that thing. Every time she is in it, we hear her grunting trying to get out. And when we put her in it, as soon as she sees the car she cries. Can't wait to upgrade!

How mommy is doing: I am doing pretty well, but I am so tired all. the. time. This work schedule that I have me on is all the sudden taking it's toll. That and the sudden heat. That is taking it's toll too.

What we are looking forward to: Taylorsville Dayzz Friday, St. George, my birthday, the 4th of July, camping, and turning one!
Photo done by Erik Bingham


  1. This is one of my favorite posts ever :). SUCH cute pictures! Tim and I were both laughing as we read it together :). She is so cute! I just love her to pieces. I can't believe you're gonna have a one year old on your hands in less than a month! Good luck with that one by the way...hehehehe

  2. my baby! she is so big and beautiful!!! i can't believe shes eating so much- it seriously does not seem like a year ago!