Saturday, June 9, 2012

Our Life Lately.

Or should I say Abby's life lately...
Feeding ducks with Aunt Kari and cousins Lydia and Ammon

Not loving the grass so much

Being pinned down so I could get a decent picture of her with sunglasses on

Pulling herself up on everything

Being enthralled with Blues Clues. (who I always thought was a boy dog.)

Enjoying her lunch with Grammy

Large dirty puff baby after her graceful fall in the mountains today. Seriously, she fell in slow motion.
Despite this past week and next week being shutdown at the temple, making it so I work from 9-2 (instead of my usual 10-2) we have still managed to have some fun round these parts. Or at least Abby has. :)


  1. i just love that cute little face!!! and those sunglasses, so stylin.

    and blues is a GIRL? i feel like that fat kid in up

  2. I don't think Blue is a girl. Seriously. He has to be a boy. His name is BLUE. And that pictures where she isn't liking the grass is even funnier now than when it actually happened :)