Monday, July 16, 2012

The Delio of Life: According to my Phone.

I've been waiting to do a blog post like this ever since I got my new phone, because really, all the cool bloggers are doing it!! Just some examples Here and here and here.

Ice cream cones from our old corner market

Relaxing with daddy

At first, you may think she is having the time of her life. Look again. That is a "I'm terrified of this toy" kind of smile.

Abby's free slurpee

Admiring herself in the mirror at the mall.

Refusing to look at me to take her picture.

Soaked after running to our car in the rain at the Temple

Brae and Abby being friends.

July birthday sisters; Ali July 3, me July 2, Chels July 28th
 It's been a great week. Until next time.

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