Saturday, July 14, 2012

I love to see the Temple

Today Sam and I were finally able to attend the temple. It was so nice going in the daylight to do more than clean. I have been craving to go for so long now. Thanks to Grammy and Papa for taking Abby today, we were able to go.

In the session we went to, sitting right in front of me was a cute little old lady that was there with her daughter. Her daughter had to at least be in her 70s making her mother maybe in her 90s. I couldn't help but smile as I watched that little old lady during the session. She needed a lot of help to move, but for the most part seemed sharp as a tack.

It made me hope that when I am her age, despite mobility problems, I can still be a faithful member and attend the temple and that I can still make those sacrifices to go there frequently and feel the peace the temple brings.

Working there every night, I do feel peace. Even though I am scrubbing a toilet rather than sitting in the Celestial room, I have gotten answers to prayers there. I have felt the spirit strong. And when I have been upset about something, I leave there feeling calm and happy.

I remember the day I went through the temple to take my own endowment out. I was really nervous and even with my Temple Prep classes, I left the temple that day feeling slightly overwhelmed. But I also left the temple with my head full of new knowledge, albeit jumbled, and a peace knowing what I did was right and good.

So even though a big part of my mind today was thinking about swiping my hand over a surface to see if it needed to be dusted, cringing that my newly-cleaned bathroom that I scrubbed last night was dirty once again, and noticing fingerprints on windows and mirrors that may not have otherwise been noticed, the spirit was strong there in the temple today. I learned something I had never known before and above all, I know by my doing a session, I helped a sister on the other side receive the same blessings I received over 3 years ago when I got my own endowment out.

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  1. I love this post! Thanks for your sweet testimony of the temple. I love going too, it's a wonderful place! And thanks for all your hard work making it clean and sparkly ;)