Tuesday, August 7, 2012

We're in Trouble

Abby has learned to throw fits.
Which, by the way, I find hilarious. (for now)

She also learned how to open the 'no no' cupboards.

The bag of toys/treats I now have to take to church for her only keeps her occupied for 10 min increments.

She continues to rip pages out of scriptures if I don't catch her soon enough.

As soon as the dishwasher is open to load, she speed-crawls over and attempts to take out all the utensils.

And she loves to ruin my nicely folded piles of clothes.

I cannot get enough of her.


  1. Yeah, you're in trouble :) Ammon throws things just like that when he's mad.

  2. Wait.... You're talking about my child, right?

  3. she is just adorable!! i still think that fit is somewhat mild though-- come on abby, i know you can do better then that