Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sunglasses & Me

When it comes to sunglasses, I have rotten luck. It seems I can't keep a pair for longer than a few months lately. It all started with these beauties.

I LOVED these glasses. I had them for years. They were comfortable, the perfect shade, and not to mention cute. But then they broke. I was devastated, but I knew they had a good run. So I went on the search of trying to find new ones.

I then found these cute little glasses with a bow on them from Kohls. $8. I liked them. Not as much as my previous pair, but I thought they were cute.

They lasted about a week and broke. Frustrating right? I was pregnant at the time and I may or may not have had a tizzy when that happened. (I specifically remember having a bad day that day that you can read about here, and that didn't help)

After hearing my glasses broke, Kari bought me some super cute $5 glasses at Taylorsville Dayzz that I had for many months. I loved them, but soon everytime I got to my car the ear piece would be off and the screw missing. I had to search old sunglasses for screws til finally I ran out, and it just got ridiculous.

Then I found a pair I loved just as much as the previous. They had style, they had class. I vowed to not let them go the way of my previous glasses. And they were $20 bucks, so I wanted to be extra careful.
Well guess what. They are gone too. Here is the story. One Saturday, we all went on a long walk. Naturally, I wore my glasses. When we got home, we decided to nap. I took my glasses off and just put them on my windshield of my car. Pure lazy I know, but I knew we were going to Subway soon and then heading to a movie, so I figured I'd remember them.

Well Sam didn't know they were on the outside of the car, and I forgot to remind him. We decided he would get Subway and we would eat at home.  He left, turned a corner, and my glasses flew off the windshield. Like a hero, he pulled over and jumped out of the car to get them. It was like a movie. He waited for cars to pass so he could go out and get them. The cars were missing them. He thought he could save them. Then came a truck. Before my sweet husband could get them, the truck smashed my cute glasses to smithereens. And so ended keeping them safe. He let me down easy. Well actually when he called I thought he got into an accident, so I was quite relieved it was my glasses smashed, not him. But I was still sad. He felt bad but he tried his best. What a great guy right?

Well now I am in these glasses.
Nope. Not naked.
They were $1 at the dollar store. They aren't super cute. They are kinda boring actually. Not my favorite at all. But I obviously can't keep a pair to save me, so I might as well save money. Chances are in another few months I'll need new ones anyway. In fact, fun story. About a week after I got them, I went with my sister to Herriman lake. I dove in the water with my glasses on and came out with them off. Thank goodness for Bree who saved them.

I tell ya, my first ones breaking must have cursed me. Just like the Defense Against The Dark Arts job never being filled for very long, my glasses will never be with me for long either.

Such is life in this fallen sphere.


  1. Hahahahahahah! I LOVE this post. It made me all cheery because it was cute. Don't get me wrong...that totally sucks about your sunglasses. I know how you feel. I too, seem to have the same bad luck with sunglasses. Such is our life I guess! We'll have to share stories the next time. But, you look really cute in your current pair, even if they aren't your favorite.

  2. I was in your same boat with the whole sunglasses thing and ended up wearing this ugly pair around because they never seemed to break. That is, until I got a glasses case and now I religiously put my sunglasses in it no matter what. Whether they go in my purse, my car, or anywhere else, they go in the case first. And now I've been able to keep my cute pair of sun glasses safe for a couple years! Maybe that would help your situation? Although, I don't think a glasses case would do much when getting run over by a truck...

    ps. I love the "Nope. Not Naked." clarification.