Friday, August 10, 2012

Update: The First Week

So the first week of my August challenge went pretty good, but I wasn't perfect. I did eat some chick-fil-a one day, but stayed withing my calorie intake with in which I felt really good about, and pizza another day. I also have been working out pretty good. (if only working out were enough, i'd be thin.)

Too bad this thing doesn't work though.
Then I'd never lift a finger and still have washboard abs.

When I first started this challenge, I wanted to be absolutely perfect this month. The first time I wasn't, I considered myself a failure, already in the first week. But then I realized something. This challenge isn't about being perfect, it's about changing my lifestyle. Lifestyle changes don't happen in a week. What would I do after this month? Snarf down tons of fast food and gain it all back? No. This month is to get me started, to prove to myself that I CAN eat out less, that I CAN drink less coke, that I CAN work out hard. If I fail one day, I jump right back up and start over the next.

As far as the benefits I've seen: I've lost two pounds already, and today I slipped into some Capri's that I haven't worn since the summer BEFORE Abby was born! I felt so good! They are still a touch tight, but I was so excited I wore them today anyway. Last time I tried to put them on, they wouldn't even go past my bum. Now I can do them up! Granted, not all that happened in a week, but it sure helped my self-esteem.
Please don't mind the messy background. This is our junk room we STILL need to put together.
Lets see if I can keep this up!


  1. yayay!! thats awesome about your pants- and dont be hard on yourself, NEVER eating out again if not possible, just making good choices :) yaaaaa kitty cait!

  2. So jealous about the capris! I'm gaining weight for sure with all my family's junk around. We need to work out hard core together for real :) And you can teach me how to have good self control again.