Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Quarter of a Century and Basically a Mom.

What a weekend. What a fantastic/awesome/tiring weekend. So much went on that this 37 week pregnant gal is suffering from the sleepies today. But it was totally worth it!!

It all started Friday after work. They have free movies at the Capital on Fridays this summer and before the show started, Allred played. Which was awesome. So me and Sam went to Crown Burger after work and then had a picnic at the Capital while we waited for Allred to come on and the movie to start. It was quite nice minus the blazing sun (we finally got in the shade) and the fact I had to walk BFE uphill to the bathroom. And it didn't even put me into labor. For shame!

I didn't get many pictures before my camera died.
Saturday was a fantastic day of my birth. I woke up to Sam saying he'd be right back. He ran and got me a bagel and flowers and a sweet card and let me open my first present, the new Death Cab for Cutie CD. (which I actually don't have yet. It is being shipped.) After breakfast I cleaned the house while he worked on the nursery (nope...still not done for those of you wondering) I then got ready and headed to my in-laws for an awesome shower put together by my step-mom Nonie and my two awesome sister-in-laws Ashley and Kari. Thanks again girls, it was the best!!

Oinking the free dessert
After the shower, I got home and Sam took me to Olive Garden and gave me my last present, a gift card for a pedicure for my poor puffy feet. Can't wait to use it! We also got free dessert seeing as Sams cousin works there. Score!! (husband has a knack for knowing people. The last two trips to OG he's gotten us free dessert) then we went and bought goodies and then went to see X-Men. Awesome movie. Better than I thought it would be!! It was a fantastic birthday. Thank you to my Sam for making it so!

The 4th was another fun filled day. We spent the morning/afternoon in the mountains relaxing with my family, then went to see the fireworks at Sugarhouse Park that night. Which was way fun until we got stuck in traffic for just about an hour and almost ran out of gas. And then got home after midnight and I still needed to eat (silly little girl making me so hungry) and then when I got to bed, FIREWORKS started going off. (These new legal fireworks are driving me crazy) But despite that, still very fun!!
The crowd at Sugarhouse

I just love Summer.


  1. I'm glad you had a happy birthday!

  2. wow- allred is such a stud. i am so green over your OG and free desert AND pedicure but if anyone deserves its, its you!!! you deserve to be spoiled!

  3. ps. Are you mad at me because I stole your pictures and that why you didn't comment on my t-ville dayzz blog?
    I apologize. You just took better pictures than me and I am a thief.
    Or maybe my blog just sucks lately.
    Or maybe I just blog too much and you are tired of commenting...
    Don't feel obligated to comment...just know that when you don't, I notice. And am sad ;)
    There now there's no way you would feel obligated.

  4. Great...now I'm craving Olive Garden. I guess we'll just HAVE to go there today. Thanks a lot! (hehehe)

    I have to admit that I feel pretty much like a looser because my birthday isn't in July like you and Kari. I wish I was a cool as the too of you...but yet again I'm reminded of how uncool I really am. Please share some of your awesomeness with me...you have it, Kari has it...and I'm lacking.

    Oh...and have I mentioned lately how excited I am for Abbie to get here? Because I am. A Lot :)