Sunday, June 19, 2011


I just wanted to say Happy Fathers Day to my Baby Daddy!! In 5 more weeks, he will be a real dad and he will make such an awesome one!!

Here is how I know:
  • He loves to feel baby girl wiggle
  • He is working so hard on the nursery
  • He is starting to have dreams about Abbie and it's making him excited.
  • He let me eat part of his chocolate he got in church today because Abbie has a sweet tooth that rivals Willy Wonka
  • If Abbie comes during Harry Potter, or at if I go into labor sometime soon after, he is willing to possibly name her Abbigale Hermione.
  • He already sacrifices so much time to support our little family to be.
  • He is already the best husband to me, so of course he'll be the best daddy to his little girl.
  • She is already wrapped around his little finger.
Happy (almost) Fathers Day Sam. I love you!!


  1. is he SERIOUSLY ok with letting her middle name be hermoine??? hahahhaahaha oh he must really love you :)

  2. He is going to be a great dad and I can tell by how great he already is with his niece! I'm so excited for you guys and Happy Father's Day Sam :)

  3. Sammy will rock at being a Daddy! You can tell because he's so awesome with his nieces...just like Kari said :). You'll both be awesome parents. However...I can see Sammy laughing when your kids do something naughty...and then they'll just keep doing it! Hahahaha
    Seriously though, all the Tappana men are awesome Dad's. You'll be amazed at how much more your love for Sammy will grow once Abbie is born. It was amazing to me...I didn't think I could love Tim anymore, and then I saw him hold his daughter for the first time, and then my heart just about burst. I'm so excited for you to experience that :)

  4. you are a happy little toaster. and theres a happy piece of bread in you- speaking of which i love that costa rican phrase. so true! man you have gotten quite large though- maybe all those fat jokes your dad said were prematuraly true- hahaha!!!