Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Clair In Me

Sometimes I complain about my pregnancy, how uncomfortable I am.
Sometimes I worry about Abbie temporarily when she isn't wiggling as much.
Sometimes food is still gross and makes me sick, and sometimes I worry I'm not eating as nutritionally as I could.
And child birth? Forget it!! I can't even think about it, it terrifies me so.
But I need to remember Clair.
Her baby survived a plane crash.
Clair lived off of who knows what to eat on the Island.
Clair didn't have a nice bed or chair to get more comfortable on.
Clair even got taken for a while by some nutcase, and both survived.
And she delivered a baby, on an island with no medicine. An island isn't the cleanest place one could birth a baby.
All that and Clair's baby was fine. And so was Clair. (so far anyway from where I am in Lost. Don't spoil anything.)
So if Clair can do it, so can I right?

Yup. Lost just started getting really exciting. So it's on my mind...a little.


  1. Ah...LOST. Best show ever. After watching what Claire goes through...kinda makes you feel like life is a lot easier :). Cute post. You make me laugh!

  2. What is with the Lost obsession? Brittany, Tim and Ashley, you, and many more. Tried to like it. Don't. Just too much weird stuff happening with no boundaries.
    However, good job Claire, and YOU CAN DO IT Caitlin! :)

  3. hhhhahaaa oh my gosh thats so true. she could have teared too! and had her baby live in cloth diapers- yuck