Thursday, June 23, 2011

And The Bump Grows On

36 weeks
 Today, June 23, means I only have 1 more month exactly until my due date! I can't believe it's coming up so soon, and yet seems so far away. Lately I have gotten just so so excited. For a bit there, I was worried. We have had a lot to work out with money and working and sitters. But thankfully, after many tears, prayers, and pondering, we have worked out a budget, figured out a work schedule for me, and got us some babysitters (thanks so much Kari and Chelsea!) With all that stress figured out I feel so relieved and blessed and can enjoy the last few weeks of my pregnancy with Sam and our household projects. I just want to thank my Heavenly Father, for guiding and directing me and Sam in figuring out what is best for our soon to be little family of 3. I truly know He is watching out for us. I work with a lady from Costa Rica and she said that they have a phrase there that translates to something like "babies are blessings and will come with bread" meaning we are doing what we need to be doing at this time in our life. We will be blessed for listening to the spirit and having a baby.
So with that said, here is the happenings with me and Abbie at 36 weeks.
  • My feet are getting more and more puffy, depending on how long I stand for and how warm it is. I don't have many shoes I'm comfortable in anymore because they don't fit on my feet.
  • My ankles are actually cankles now. They have their own fat rolls. My dear little 11 year old niece put it best when, after looking at my ankles, exclaimed: "It's true. Pregnant ladies do have big ankles." Oh bless her cute 11 year old head.
  • Abbie just LOVES to wiggle. At night I just sit and watch my belly move. It's incredible to know that my baby is doing it!!
  • I have been craving sweets like no other: chocolate, smores, Riesens, Eclairs, ice cream, caramel. If it's sweet, I'll eat it. I also have been craving anything wet and cold (and sweet) like soda and slurpees.And cantaloupe and honey dew.
  • I have now started sweating for no reason and thus have brought a fan to work. It helps so much. Also, I have started bringing deodorant too...just in case.
  • I get encouraging "I know how you feel" smiles from ladies everywhere. Some just smile as if to say "you look ready to pop, keep swimming" (in my own sweat I'm sure) and others will ask when I'm do. I'll tell them, and they will give me a sympathetic groan, and then that smile I have come to love.
  • I've noticed I get more winded at the littlest things. Like when I try to sing along to my music or when I try and chew my food and breath at the same time. That can be tricky, especially when I add talking to that game!  
  • Poor husband can't cuddle with me at night anymore. A girl needs her space. One such night, he was cold so he rolled over to get warm and cuddle with me (because I am the one that needed the fan on full blast and the windows open and only a sheet on the bed, thus freezing him out) and I made him roll to the other side of the bed. Which he did without complaint by the way, that's just who he is. In my defense though, I didn't know he was cold, I just thought he was being a bed hog (which he has done before)
  • Speaking of sleeping though, for the most part I still sleep pretty comfortable and good. I get up 3-5 times a night to pee, but usually I can find a comfortable position and fall right back to sleep. I feel very fortunate.
  • My energy is waning once more. After work I'm just pooped, and on the weekends I can only work on the house/yard so much before I am sapped of all energy. (how will i stay up till 3 to watch HP? oh don't worry, I've got a plan) but this sleepiness interferes with doing important things like finish up the nursery. Yikes!
All in all though, I am doing pretty good, considering I am 9 months pregnant!! Abbie is growing nice and healthy, and Sam can't wait to become a dad!!

In other news, Monday was just like Christmas! Work was extra slow so I browsed the KSL classifieds and hit the mother-load!! I found a changing table for $10 and (drum roll please) a dishwasher for $FREE!! Thanks to my brother for helping us get them!

We are going to paint the changing table white and we still need to get a part for our dishwasher so it can hook up to our sink, and I have to clean both but I am one happy little toaster.

I know. I'm good.


  1. Awesome! I love you little bullet points. I laughed out loud at some of them, not cause I'm laughing at you, but cause I can so relate. Like the breathing while eating and talking thing. Not a fun trick. And I apologize for my 11 year olds' bluntness. And I'm excited to take Abbie :)Yay for last months and new babies and HP :D

  2. One month...I can't believe how fast that has flown by! It seriously seems like you just told us that you were pregnant over second Thanksgiving dinner :).

    Don't worry about the least yours will go away. I however have permanent cankles. But as my Dad always LOVES to tell me "I'll never break one of those!" hahaha...real funny Dad. (jerk)

  3. I'm glad I can pay the help I've had with people watching my kids while I worked forward, by watching Abbie :)
    The timing for this last month is interesting...and I'm sure that's what some of the smiles are for that you get.
    It's torturously slow and yet it's over in the blink of an eye and soon you'll be so wrapped up in your new little one it'll be like, "What? I was just pregnant? No, I've had this little one for forever."
    Good luck!