Thursday, December 13, 2012

Life Lately, According to my Phone

Life lately has been hanging lights on our house, and then looking at lights everywhere.
It's been decorating our tree and making sure Abby doesn't go too close to it. (don't worry. Only about 5 ornaments have been broken.)
It's been finding some fabulous boots at the mall, going to the zoo with her cousins, playing with the toilet paper while I'm trying to clean, and helping me unload...or load...the dishwasher.
It's been temper tantrums, sad mornings, shopping trips being embarrassed of her parents, and just plain getting exhausted over it all.
Life has been cuddling on the couch, couple matching envy (and a seemingly upset sister), Christmas tree love, and Abby annoying Jack with her kisses.
It's been excited to watch Sesame Street while I shower, Sam breaking one of our chairs, Abby still fitting in and loving her bumbo, and making a mess of my house. Darn those DVDs.
 Lastly, life has been meeting Uncle Jake for the first time and seeing all 4 of the Tappana men as returned missionaries 10 years later. A handsome group of men indeed!


  1. oh my goodness i just love that little girl! even with her tantrums. i esp love that artistic ornament pic of you guys. you look so fabulous. love those boots and love your face

  2. I love the picture at the top where you're smiling at Abby who's excited about the lights. You can tell how much you love her. You should print that one out and and hang it on the wall at Christmas. So Beautiful!

    And yay! Jake is home!