Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Life's Little Notes

Dear Sunshine,
These past few days have been beautiful! Please never leave.

Dear Abby,
You get more and more adorable everyday, but I'd like it if you would stop growing so fast. Also, stop crumbling up your sandwich and just eat it.

Dear Baby,
Please stop making mommy sick.

Dear Self, 
Stop saying that you think you are over being sick. It just jinxes you and makes you sick the day after. (or yesterdays case, that very night.) I mean, you would think after 9 months of sick with Abby, you would learn it's never going to leave.

Dear Bladder,
Get stronger.

Dear PB&J,
Thanks for always tasting good. Especially with grape jelly. 

Dear Money,
Start growing on trees please. 

Dear Husband,
Please hurry home tonight. According to baby, you will be on dinner duty.

Dear Office,
Even though I've watched you dozens of times, thanks for always making me laugh. (I'm not superstitious. Just a little-stitious.) 

Dear 20-Week Ultrasound,
Hurry up and come! I wanna know what gender my sweet baby is! (3 more weeks!)


  1. dear caitlin,

    i love these notes. and i agree with most of them. i wish i was there to make you dinner then play with abby so you can nap. then we'd walk hand in hand and get a slurpee.

    love mel

  2. Oh no! Are you serious, you got sick?! I ban you from ever saying how good you feel again! You are only allowed to talk about how awful you feel :)

    And the image of Abby crumbling up her sandwich had me laughing!

  3. Yay! I LOVED this post. Definitely one of my favorites ever. You should do this type of post more frequently. With that being said...I may steal this idea from you too :). It made me happy. Sorry you're still sick sister. So not fun. But just think about that sweet baby BOY growing inside you and hopefully that makes it better. But you can curse me out loud for saying that since I've never experiences pregnancy sickness. Anyway, I agree on the nice weather...we should plan a day to go to the park. And soon!