Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Life Lately + The weekend that flu by

These past few days have been quite miserable for my little Tappana clan. It started a week ago when Sam got sick. Shortly after Abby got sick, and then I too got it. Sunday we hunkered inside all day sleeping, cuddling, and watching movies Sesame Street. But life hasn't been all bad. Here is what we have been up to.
 Life lately has been having a hard time going to stake conference after daylight savings. It's been being zoned out to Sesame Street. It's been getting her books out literally 2 minutes after I cleaned it up, and it's been sharing her graham cracker with little sister. (aka, she was done and just put it on my tummy and ran away)
 Again, life has been watching her favorite show, Sesame Street and looking like a big girl with her monkey leash, and it's been making her own chair out of a pillow. (too much tv? These days I have little energy for much else) It's been again messing up a freshly cleaned room, and playing at our favorite place with daddy.
 Life has been enjoying the good weather we had a few weeks ago with cousins after our Tuesday morning exercise walk, and hating leaving. 
 It's been taking a break from homework to play, Abby laying on the bathroom floor so I couldn't mop, sitting in her bouncer marking it her territory, and it's been playing like a good girl while waiting for daddy to finish his eye appointment. 
 Life has been wrestling with daddy on the floor, curling up in the laundry basket with her monkey, preferring to sit on daddy upside down, and not being able to resist buying an outfit for our (hopefully) baby girl.
Life has been watching daddy trying out his new contacts, playing in a car at the mall, making a mess with her cereal instead of eating it, and my two sickies taking a nap. (yes, that is a diaper int he background. A very poopy one at that.)
Lastly, life has been finally getting Abby to watch something other than Sesame Street on Sunday night, and enjoying family sick time. 


  1. Those park pictures are so cute! I hope that the flu is on its way out now for you guys so that we can all go to the park again. If the weather holds we should have a Tappana park bbq or something. And I'm jealous of your Wreck-it-Ralph movie time, lucky!

  2. i love her little purple bow! and how you guys are drinking bottle cokes hahaha plus i love the park pics. so funny, each picture shes with someone new. magical abby. landon loves his monkey leash too but only to clip it, not to wear it. i keep looking at these pics thinking how shes going to be once i see her again bc last time she was a baby. how weird will it be to both have toddlers? and you now a baby! i vote next life lately you put some bump pics!