Friday, March 15, 2013


When someone gives you the ratio of 70/30, what do you do with that? Do you lean more towards the 70% because it's the bigger number? Or do you plan on it being the 30% just so you're not disappointed? (not that I would be)

That is the ratio we were given yesterday when we found out we are probably having another little girl.

You see, I made my ultrasound appointment too early. 17 weeks. I should know better, but when the lady called me to make an appointment and said it could be the next day, my excitement at finding out what we were having took over any rational thought. That and when I asked her if you could get a clear shot of the gender she responded with a yes. Still, my gut wanted to call back and reschedule it, but I was too excited.

Needless to say, Sam and I left yesterday a little disappointed not being able to confirm 100% that we are having a little girl. But I suppose as of right now, I will say Abby is going to have a little sister. (besides, I would rather call it a her than an it) And the thought of another girl makes my heart smile, especially if she is anything like her big sister. (which really won't be hard to do. Sam and I, we make good babies.) To be smart though, we are holding off announcing it to the facebook world. That makes everything official, and this is not fb official just yet.

The important thing really though, is I am growing a very healthy baby. (but lets me honest, the main reason for the ultra sound is wanting to find out the gender.)

My heart says it is a girl, but if it is wrong and she comes out a he, I know that little boy will steal my heart and I will be just as happy with a little boy as I would be with another girl.

However, here's to hoping we can get another ultra-sound soon so I can stop saying "we are 70% sure we are having a girl!"

Until then (probably) baby girl, keep those nudges coming. They make mama reeealllly happy!


  1. yayaya for girls! i've already started shopping!

  2. I'm still crossing my fingers for a boy...although it would be nice for you to not have to buy new clothes! So excited!!!

  3. Eeek! Girls are the best :) Good luck with the waiting for a gender check ... we had to do it for 3 months with our first baby, she was very modest lol

  4. I have to admit, this ratio would torture me! But I'm obsessive sometimes...a lot of the time. I'm super excited either way and I apologize if I accidentally still refer to your baby as an "it". But I totally called that you were having another girl :)