Saturday, July 19, 2014

11 Months

Sweet Madalyn is 11 months now, and let me tell you, she has never been cuter. Her personality is really coming out and I can't get enough of her. At 11 months, Madalyn:

  • Blows kisses. It is probably my most favorite thing she does.
  • She waves. She started waving earlier on, and then stopped. I am happy it has started again.
    Baby's first ponytail
  • She also is starting to point to things. Wherever we are, she will just point to things.
  • She has the cutest little grunt that makes her whole body bounce.
  • She adores her big sister and thinks she is the funniest person in the world.
  • Her smile lights up her whole face
  • She has 8 teeth, 4 on top and 4 on bottom, and I think she is trying to get more.
  • Diaper changing is now becoming an Olympic sport
  • She loves to play pat-a-cake
  • She went real swimming for the first time last week and loved it.
  • She can now pull herself up into a standing position
  • She crawls so fast that she sometimes trips over herself and will just lay there for a bit until she regains stamina
    Trying to put on her shoe
  • She gives the best hugs. She will wrap her tiny arms around our necks and squeeze as tight as her little tiny body has the strength to do
  • She dramatically throws herself down when she is upset.
    One of her dramatic fits
  • She knows how to climb on small things, like our mini trampoline or our treadmill, but then can't figure out how to get down.
  • She eats practically anything, trying pizza for the first time this week, but baby food is still her favorite
  • She is still in size 3 diapers and wears 9 and some 12 month clothing.
  • She is my favorite little baby.
Madalyn Marie, I love you so!

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  1. She is so adorable! I swear going to Utah was just bad for me because I just miss her so much! Love that sweet girl!