Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Dealio of Life

 Life lately has been jam sessions with daddy. Its been forcing Abby to run through the sprinklers, and her not happy about it, and life has been being star struck at meeting Elsa.
 Life has been two adorable shopping companions, a happy, smiley, scrunchy-nosed Maddie, an adorable daddy painting his daughters nails, and its been celebrating Fathers Day.
 Life lately has been a girl with an attitude, that I find hilarious. Its been a picture of all the dads in my family with their kids. Its been an upside-down cousin triplet picture, and its been enjoying splashing around at bath time.
 Life lately has been a chilly June walk, and Madalyn loving the wind in her face. Its been Abby dressed to the hilt for her fancy pb&j lunch. Life has been losing Abby's bow in a pond, and hero daddy stepping in and rescuing it. 
Lastly, life has been hanging out with my two childhood best friends, Marianne and Lucy, at Lucy's reception. Its been cute girls climbing under our table. Life has been my gorgeous daughter putting lipstick on almost perfectly, and its been playing with baby Edison while his mommy was at work.

Life, you are the best.

Happy July 4th weekend everyone!

1 comment:

  1. oh my goodness i am dying over these pics! sam painting abbys nails is jsut precious- and her lipstick! but that girl has some 'tude! hahahah i love little madi and her staticy hair. such a beautiful family!