Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekend Recap

 This weekend was great. It seems like it has been a while since we have had a really good one. Usually they seem to always be really busy.This one was the prefect mixture of accomplishment and play.

Friday night after Sam got home from work and we made some dinner, we decided to hit up the new Leatherbys in Draper. Our friend Mike works at that one so we thought, why not? Unfortunately, Mike wasn't there, but it was fun to go anyway. When we got home our kids were hyped up and stayed up WAY past their bedtime, but hey YOLO right?

My Saturday morning started out early. I got up and went on a 4 mile run. 4 miles. I am pretty freaking proud. I am slow, and I can't run the whole time without walking, but my walking isn't for very long, and I beat my previous 4 mile run time.
Check out the 4.01 time differences! Small for some, but huge for me
I can only go up from here! We then spent the afternoon cleaning, shopping, and napping. Later that night, we packed a delicious picnic (BBQ chicken salads....soooo good) and went to the park to play. They got new toys in the Taylorsville park since the last time I was there and let me tell you, way more kid friendly, and more swings, and even some bongos, which both girls approve of.

After the park, we went to Tim and Ashley's house and hung out with them. It is so great that they are back for the summer, and I wish they never had to go back to Kentucky again.

Sunday after church, we went to our friends house to watch the USA vs. Portugal game and BBQed up some chicken. USA came SO CLOSE! After the game, we ate our feelings in s'mores. And don't worry, a s'more + fresh raspberries = heaven. Plus, the raspberries make the s'mores have negative calories, so really, win win.

The best part of the weekend probably had to be Abby falling asleep last night for the night before 8, and Maddie shortly after 9. That is huge for us people. We have ourselves some night owls for kids.
She fell asleep on the way home and didn't wake up even as we got her in her pj's

It really was a good weekend, good food, and good framily time. And now Monday, if you please, be kind to me.


  1. You know you've had a good weekend when you've done so much your kid is so worn out they literally pass out in the car on the way home :) Sounds so fun and I'm just a little bit upset that we weren't there to enjoy it with you too.

  2. how fun! that smore looks sooo delicious and i seriously cant believe how well you are running! youre going to be ready for that half in no time!

  3. sweet little madi is so adorable and getting so big! i cant believe she is going to be one soon. what a fantatstic weekend and i seriously am SO proud of yoU! i love your picnic too. what a great weekend!