Wednesday, June 18, 2014

10 Months

Its that time of month again to write some cute little stats about my cute little baby, who before I know it isn't even going to be a baby anymore.

10 month Madalyn:

  • Has hair that won't lay flat. No matter what I do, It sticks straight up. And I love it.
  • She won't wear bows anymore. I put them on her head, but she will pull them off in a matter of minutes. I still fight it on Sundays, but most other days she wins,
  • She is mobile! Really, really mobile. She was crawling before she was 9 months, but now she is everywhere. Its only a matter of time before she starts to pull her self up on things.
  • Madalyn gives the best hugs. She wraps her tiny arms around my neck and buries her head in me. It is one of my most favorite things ever.
  • At her 9 month appointment, she went from 58% in weight to 17%. Her doctor was a little concerned, so we are working on eating more. It has helped her sleeping a ton. She used to wake up at night crying, but now the kid is getting more food so she is satisfied til morning. Thank goodness.
  • Speaking of sleeping, mama can't rock her to sleep anymore. She has been refusing to cuddle in lately and go to sleep, so now I just put her to bed and 3 cries later she is out. It breaks my heart just a tiny bit, but its also quite a relief. 
  • She eats pretty much anything now except drinking cows milk. But she also knows what she wants and what she doesn't want. If it is something she doesn't like, she lets me know by squaking and moving her head all around so I can't put any food in her mouth.
  • If I shower when she is awake, she sits on the bathroom floor and cries the whole time until she sees me. The only time I have a peacful shower is early in the morning.
  • She is a very happy girl and usually always has a grin on her face.
  • She grew another tooth this month, making it so she has on top and 3 on bottom.
  •  She still is in 9 month clothing and size 3 diapers.
Here's to two more months til I have a 1 year old!

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  1. It's crazy how once they get mobile they need so much more feed to keep their energy and weight up. I'm glad she's sleeping better. She's such a cute and I can't believe how big/old she is. So excited to see her next week! (and so excited that I get to say next week :))